Applicants Summer Programme

During the spring of 2020 and in response to coronavirus restrictions we created the the Applicants Summer Programme. While unable to meet prospective students face-to-face for our Experience Days, the programme offered us a way of giving you a sense of the course content and experience. The programme really worked, so this year we will be rereleasing it over the summer weeks and months.

The programme introduces you to some of the people and ideas that underpin our Liberal Arts Degrees. While we don’t cover specific content of the degree we draw on its themes to produce bespoke pieces that we think will speak particularly to applicants.

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Applicants Summer Programme 2021


Take a look at last year’s Experience Day Brochure here. And if you can’t wait for the first piece from the programme, this reading list offers a good introduction to some of the themes and ideas we’ll encounter.

Summer Reading


The approach to learning in modern Liberal Arts holds that all students can succeed beyond their own expectations. In our integrated curriculum no text is off-limits as being too difficult. If it has been written, then with the help of good teaching students can read it and understand it. The motivation to read such texts comes from the questions that students bring to them. Students ask their questions about the world, and then ask a multitude of writers and thinkers to reveal their answers. Students should not learn passively. Rather, they actively challenge the writers to answer their questions. In return, students think about those answers, discuss them with others and new questions arise which are then taken back to the writers. Learning is just this; a conversation between what one understands, what one does not understand, and the people who might be able to help. And if there are always more questions… this is to lead a life committed to learning.

Learning in Liberal Arts