Bees Brexit and some fascism

Postgraduate Liberal Arts Lecture Series
University of Winchester
Semester 1 2018-19

Liberal Arts at Winchester is putting on a weekly lecture series to which all and only postgraduate students (MA, PhD, PGCE etc.) are invited. Commitment is not needed for the whole series, you are free to attend all, some or none, as you choose. Below is the list of lectures. It may take more than 1 week to get through some of the lectures, so we are not putting precise dates next to each one.

The lectures are not based in any academic discipline, nor are they based in any kind of specialist knowledge. The intention is that they be wide-ranging, interesting, challenging and controversial, but assuming no prior knowledge beforehand, and needing no reading in advance. There are no essays to be produced from the lectures, so the hope is they will be interesting and enjoyable in their own right.

The lectures will run at 6pm on Monday evenings.


The Beegining

Bees: history, work, politics

Politics of the Hive

The Spirit of the Beehive

The Spirit of the Beehive (1973) Victor Erice

Bees, Architecture & Fascism

Plato and the old school tie

Irigaray’s Hive

Progressivism and European Union

Brexit,  education and the multicultural experiment

Albright, fascism, populism

Arendt, Fascism and Education


If you have any questions please email Nigel Tubbs

We look forward to meeting you should you decide to join us.

Nigel Tubbs