Freedom and Discipline: embodied creativity

As material subjects we learn about ourselves, others and the world not only through language and speech and through the exchange of ideas and perspectives but also through the body which is itself a giver and receiver of meaning. How we move in a space often tells us something about who we are or what we are thinking or feeling. The body’s language and its gestures are thus also something to be learned and the messages it learns to give form part of its communicative intelligence.

Applying Theatre practices to Liberal Arts Education these two workshops are playful explorations of some of the ways in which the body experiences and engages with this learning through our spatial awareness and how this awareness can be used creatively to tell stories about who we are and how we might relate to our bodies in deeper and more educational ways.

Workshop 1 plays with the story telling nature of our movements as a learning experience whilst Workshop 2 has a greater emphasis on thinking about the relation between movement as expressive of a certain sort of freedom and the discipline such freedom requires if it is to communicate itself.