Liberal Arts Books/Academic Articles

Nigel Tubbs, (2014) Philosophy and Modern Liberal Arts Education: Freedom is to Learn, PalgraveMacmillan, ISBN 978-1137358912

‘This book argues for a modern version of liberal arts education, exploring first principles within the divine comedy of educational logic. By reforming the three philosophies of metaphysics, nature and ethics upon which liberal arts education is based, Tubbs offers a profound transatlantic philosophical and educational challenge to the subject.’

Nigel Tubbs, (2017) God, Education and Modern Metaphysics: the logic of ‘know thyself’ (Routledge), ISBN 978-0415746120

‘The Western tradition has long held the view that while it is possible to know that God exists, it nevertheless remains impossible to know what God is. The ineffability of the monotheistic God extends to each of the Abrahamic faiths. In this volume, Tubbs considers Aristotle’s logic of mastery and questions the assumptions upon which God’s ineffability rests.’

Nigel Tubbs, (2022) Socrates on Trial, (Bloomsbury), ISBN 9781350053717

Socrates On Trial tells of Socrates’s return to a modern city that is plagued by prejudice, privilege and populism. On resuming his questioning in the agora he is arrested, interrogated by his prosecutors, questioned by his Judge, and confessed to by his inquisitor. On a Festival Day, he explores a new model for the just city –a city based not on mastery but on learning –before offering a new apology to the court that will, once again, decide his fate.’


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‘In the Shadow of Gillian Rose: Truth as Education in the Hegelian Philosophy of Rowan Williams’ (Political Theology, 2017) Rebekah Howes.

‘The philosophical voice of Leonard Cohen’ in Spirituality and Desire in Leonard Cohen’s Songs and Poems, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017, Rebekah Howes.

‘Mis(re)cognition of God and man: the educational philosophy and politics of Gillian Rose’ in Davis, J. (2018) Misrecognitions: Gillian Rose and the Task of Political Theology Oregon: Wipf and Stock, Rebekah Howes.

Harvey L. R., (2013) “To Cry from Within or Without? Pynchon and the Modern – Postmodern Divide.”, Orbit: A Journal of American Literature 2(1). doi:

‘My Friend Ilan Gur Ze’ev‘ (Studies in Philosophy and Education, 2018, vol 37. no. 2, pp. 195-206)

Scattering the Articles of Textual Law: An interrogation of the poethical turn in the later work of Levinas, L Harvey, Janus Head 15 (1), 39-61

Green Metaphysics: a sustainable and renewable liberal arts education‘ (Educational Philosophy and Theory,Volume 50, Issue 11 pp. 1068-1074, 2018)

Epistemology as Education‘ (Education Sciences, 2016, 6 (4), 41).

Aesthetic Negation and Citation: Levinas, Agnon, and the Paradox of Literature, Comparative and Continental Philosophy, 2021, Lawrence Harvey.

‘The Value of the Arts’ (2013)  (Journal of Philosophy of Education,  Volume 47, Issue 3, pages 441–456, August 2013)

Snapshot: JW Dunne , L Harvey, The Philosophers’ Magazine, 44-47

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Scattering the Articles of Textual Law: An interrogation of the poethical turn in the later work of Levinas, L Harvey, Janus Head 15 (1), 39-61

Modern Liberal Arts a philosophy of education (2012)

Religion and Modern Metaphysics (2012)

Know Thyself: macrocosm and microcosm (Studies in Philosophy and Education, v.30 no.1 p53-66 Jan 2011)

Bildung ‘freedom – Know Thyself’ (2012)

Existentialism and Humanism: Humanity—Know Thyself! (Studies in Philosophy and Education, Sep 2013, Volume 32, Issue 5, pp 477-490)

Howard Caygill on resistance: ecce homo (Journal for Cultural Research, Volume 18, Issue 4, 2014, pages 370-383)

‘Gillian Rose and Education’ Telos, no. 173, Winter 2015, pp. 125-143.