MPhil and PhD

  • postgraduate degrees can be taken full time or part time.
  • MPhil and PhD are two separate, distinct awards, with the MPhil differing from the PhD in terms of the scope of study required, and the extent of the original personal contribution to knowledge.
  • Research is to be understood as original investigation undertaken in order to gain knowledge and understanding.

Research in Liberal Arts

We are always pleased to receive expressions of interest in studying for an MPhil or Ph.D. with us in Liberal Arts.

The tutors profiles and interests can be found on the University of Winchester website.

Indicative MPhil and PhD projects

  • Nature, Early Education and the Child: Towards a Philosophy of Transformation as Emergence
  • To comprehend the nature and significance of aporetic philosophy in Hegel and Rowan Williams
  • Anarchism and education
  • Children’s spirituality
  • An examination of the relation between phenomenology and the philosophical teacher
  • The Need for a Jewish Voice in Modern Liberal Arts Education
  • The Relations of Teaching and Tragedy
  • Enlightenment returns to Myth: factors influencing the investigation of racist attitudes exhibited by primary school children
  • Philosophy and the Facetious Style; examining philosophy as method in the works of Gillian Rose
  • A Philosophical Exploration of the notion of contingency
  • Theorizing philosophical education: dialectic in the western tradition

Current university regulations:

  • MPhil – maximum 50,000 words
  • PhD – maximum 100,000 words.   (Word totals are discussed at interview)

Research Training Programme

Winchester runs an accredited Research Training Programme for both full time and part time students.  Students may be exempted from all or part of the generic training by making an AP(E)L application, or in exceptional circumstances may apply to undertake a similar course at another institution. Full details of the Research Training Programme are provided at Induction.



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