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Studying beyond the limits of single academic subjects: a broad curriculum of ideas across subject boundaries integrated into a profound philosophical core.

Liberal Arts offers integrated study into some of humanity’s most important questions. It is not restricted by the limits of any one academic discipline, while having a fundamentally philosophical outlook. As such, it combines breadth and depth in ways that single subjects cannot do.

‘The specialist ‘knows’ very well his own tiny corner of the universe; he is radically ignorant of all the rest.’

José Ortega y Gasset, The Revolt of the Masses

If your own intellectual, spiritual and political interests do not easily fit within a single degree programme, then Liberal Arts might just offer the combination of freedom (libertas) and rigour (artes) that will really challenge your thinking.

Our integrated Liberal Arts degree invites you to learn across subject boundaries, covering areas of social and political thought, visual arts, social and natural science, literature, education, philosophy, art, religion, and more.

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Liberal Arts Teachers…

We are able to draw on an extraordinarily wide range of ideas from some of the most influential and challenging teachers within the Western tradition and beyond it.

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